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Baltica Nebula

Your Dedicated Product Ownership Partner

Remote Product Owner Service. Baltica Nebula is your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of web development. As seasoned professionals in the digital realm, we understand the challenges businesses face in translating their vision into a successful digital product. Our mission is to bridge this gap and guide you through the journey from concept to creation.


We bring years of product management experience to help steer your project to success.


We help prioritize tasks based on business value, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Stakeholder Communication

We act as a liaison between stakeholders and the development team, ensuring clear communication and alignment.

Unlocking Clarity: Your Questions Answered

A product owner is a role in Agile development who is responsible for defining, prioritizing, and communicating the product vision and features to the development team and stakeholders.

Our virtual product owner can augment your existing team, bringing in additional expertise and an outside perspective.

We'll start with a deep-dive session to understand your product, market, and customers. We'll also conduct research and use analytics to gain further insights.

Yes, our services are flexible. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your service at any time.

We can adapt to your preferred methods of communication. This could be email, video calls, or a project management tool that your team uses.


Our process is streamlined to ensure clarity and effectiveness:

Onboarding and Discovery

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your product, business goals, and customer base. This involves interactive sessions with your team, where you'll also get to know your virtual product owner. With this step, we foster a collaborative partnership that's driven to achieve your business objectives.

Product Strategy Development

Our virtual product owner begins crafting a strategic plan for your product, considering factors like market trends, competition, and user needs. You'll receive a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your business goals and sets a clear path for your product's success.

Backlog Management

We'll maintain and prioritize your product backlog, ensuring that work is always aligned with the product strategy. This process involves regular reviews and updates, providing you with an organized, efficient roadmap for your development team.

Ongoing Collaboration

Regular meetings and updates ensure you're always in the loop. You'll receive insights on product development progress, any obstacles encountered, and steps taken to overcome them. This approach promotes transparency and keeps you actively involved in your product's journey.

Product Review and Adjustment

Finally, we'll regularly review the product’s performance and user feedback. These insights allow us to adjust the product strategy as needed, ensuring your product remains competitive and continues to meet your business goals.


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